We have found the original edition of “Jihad and The British Government” by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1900), which was edited and translated into english by Maulvi Muhammad Ali, who would eventually become a Lahori-Ahmadi. The Qadiani’s might have never published this since it was translated by Muhammad Ali, instead, they published a new translation in 2006. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s published their english edition in 2011. As we all know, MGA really was trying to abrogate Jihad altogether, he was also planning on claiming to be a law-bearing prophet. However, he died suddenly in May of 1908 and all of those plans were stopped. Nevertheless, an Ahmadi, Zahir ud Din, claimed in 1911—1913 era that MGA was a law-bearing prophet. Noorudin was even telling Ahmadi’s that even if MGA claimed law-bearing prophethood, all Ahmadi’s should still accept him. This book was also posted in the ROR of Nov of 1911.
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Jihad and The British Government
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“Nabi-ullah Ka Zahoor” aka “Appearance of the Prophet of Allah” ( April of 1911) by Muhammad Zahir al-Din

Noorudin didn’t care if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed even law-bearing prophethood—the-expected-mahdi


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