He was the son of Molvi Abdullah Wakil. He was born in 1907. He was arrested in 1931, at age 24, with Shaikh Abdullah and another Ahmadi, Ghulam Nabi Gilkar. His father Molvi Abdullah Wakil was an Ahmadi, however, by the time he died, he was a Bahai, its all a big mystery. Thus, we are unsure if Molvi Abdur Rahim was an Ahmadi or not. In 1934, he was appointed as a judge by Maharaja Hari Singh. His death is totally unknown. His name is sometimes listed as Molvi Abdul Rahim.

Sheikh Abdullah with other leaders of the 1931 agitation.
Sitting R to L: Sardar Gohar Rehman, Mistri Yaqoob Ali, Sheikh Abdullah, Chaudhary Ghulam Abbas. Standing. R:Molvi AbdurRahim, L:Ghulam Nabi Gilkar

Page from Civil List of 1945 shows at Sr. No 5 that Abdur Rahim(Molvi Abdul Rahim in photograph at left) one of the leaders of the 1931 agitation was appointed as a judge by the Maharaja in 1934.This proves that the agitation was for democratic reforms and not directed against the Maharaja. Even “Naya Kashmir” memorandum envisages a constitutional monarchy with the Maharaja as the head of State

Scanned picture of notes on the margin of Kant’s “Prolegmena” written by Molvi Abdul Rahim. The leaders of the 1931 agitation were Avant Garde lawyers and philosophers like Molvi Abdul Rahim M.A.(Phil)LL.B and scientists like Sheikh Abdullah M.Sc.(Chemistry). The agitation was for political and social empowerment for the subjugated majority( 80% of the subjects happened to be Muslims) of a feudal State and had no religious underpinnings or bias.(See Pandit Gwash Lal’s Clarion Call in Talk:Naya Kashmir)That is why the name of Muslim Conference was later changed to National Conference.The scanned pages are from a copy of the book belonging to Molvi Abdul Rahim which is in my possession.

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Heroes of Kashmir : Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Vakil

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Heroes of Kashmir : Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Vakil,_Srinagar

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