Qadian was invaded by 80,000 refugees in late August of 1947 (see Mirza Tahir Ahmad, “Man of God”). Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that 70,000 Ahmadi’s (he writes them as Muslims) came to Qadian for the defense of the holy land of Ahmadi’s, however, this seems to be a lie. Per the census conducted by the British government, there were only 56,000 in all of British India by 1931. The normal population was roughly 10-12,000 people in Qadian, of which about 10,000 were Ahmadi’s (see Spate). By 1947, Qadian had the highest concentration of Ahmadi’s in the world. Qadian was a mini-vatican, a state within a state (see Spate). Nevertheless, the Khalifa abandoned 10,000 Ahmadi’s, men/women and children, and left them to be viciously murdered. The full account of the amount of Ahmadi’s killed has never been posted, the Khalifa fled in late-August. Further, the Khalifa seems to have already known that Qadian was going to be given to India, he thus ordered enough food for 3 Jalsa’s.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Military Units at Qadian

Spate’s map of August 1947 shows that there were roughly 10-20 tanks in and around Qadian. However, he doesn’t explain these were operated by the Ahmadiyya Movement and most likely given to Ahmadi’s by the British Government. It would have been easy to get them to Qadian, since the train went from Batala to Qadian with no stops, this rail line was built as a favor to the Mirza family at Qadian and most likely costed 1-3 million in today’s money. Nevertheless, the Khalifa at Qadian knew that Qadian would be lost to India as early as January of 1947, thus, he ordered enough food to last 3-4 Jalsa’s, in other words, about 1 year supply of food was stored ahead of time at Qadian. In July-August of 1947, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was made an officer and controlled a unit of Ahmadi fighters (who were most likely armed with WW-2 weapons), since there were 199 Ahmadi officers serving in the British military in 1947. Regular military units came in during late August of 1947. Mirza Tahir Ahmad had a hole dug under MGA’s house and a cache of weapons was kept right there. Mirza Tahir Ahmad was 19 years old at the time. He tells of a story wherein the Indian police raided the house of MGA and dug up the area where the guns were supposed to be, however, the guns had been removed. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that Ahmadi-militia men patrolled a 30-mile radius from Qadian, however, that is an obvious exaggeration, the tanks at Qadian most likely patrolled in a 3 mile radius of the center of Qadian. These tanks were most likely M4 Sherman tanks.

An Ahmadi mullah, Chaudhry Fateh Sial was arrested and jailed. He was part of the Ahmadi soldiers and seems to have committed many crimes. On 14 September 1947: During the Indian partition, Ahmadi’s became a prime targets of rioters. The Indian government arrested Hazrat Syed Zainul Aabidin Waliullah Shah (ra), Nazir Umur-e-Ama… (Director of General Affairs) of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Qadian. He was charged with premeditated murder. He has written about the events of his imprisonment in his book, Hayat-ul-Akhirat. A day prior, Hazrat Chaudhry Fateh Muhammad Sayal (ra), Nazir Tabligh (Director Outreach)..was also apprehended. He was arrested by police of another district in Qadian. It was alleged that he had gone to a distant village and shot dead a non-Muslim. All these allegations were false and they were both acquitted. (Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 10, p. 159).

Bashir Ahmad Orchard was an officer in the British military was also there. We are sure that he led military units also. Bashir Ahmad Orchard also had a very expensive portable camera at Qadian and made a video from 1947. Ahmadi’s were even flying aircraft over Qadian doing surveillance. Another short video of the caravan is posted here.
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