On June 17th, 2021, #Ahmadis from the Chak 261 RB Udhowali, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan began jousting with the local Muslims and trying to do tabligh and etc. A week later, another Ahmadiyya place of worship about 70 miles south of this one also had the same incident (see here). This seems to have led to the Muslims reporting that the Ahmadiyya place of worship at Chak 261 RB Udhowali, Faisalabad, Punjab had minaret’s, a mihrab and the Kalima written on it and this was in violation of the law in Pakistan. Those muslim’s then reported this to the police in a polite and professional manner. The police then came and removed the illegal islamic symbols. Even in 2019, we wrote about the Ahmadiyya place of worship in Murad and a similar incident. A similar demolition happened at Chakwal a few years ago, in fact, Ahmadi’s even murdered a few Pakistani Muslims in the incident. The Ahmadiyya movement has stolen mosques from Muslims from back in British-India, those incidents are also bubbling. In 1984, Ahmadi Mullah Rana Naeem murdered 2 unarmed Muslims who were trying to paint over the Ahmadi Kalima at an Ahmadi “place-of-worship” in Lahore. Zia gave him the death penalty, however, they were given special treatment in the jail and they were eventually released from prison after Zia died they moved to London, UK. Its important to note that Zia didn’t execute these Ahmadi’s.

The Ahmadiyya press spun this and claimed that this is an incident of persecution. However, after 1984, per law, #ahmadis are not allowed to have these 3 distinct islamic symbols on their places of worship. The Ahmadiyya hierarchy has refused to remove them and keeps re-building them. They are doing this on orders from the Khalifa himself (Mirza Masroor Ahmad). The Khalifa then directs the movement to use these instances as evidence of asylum claims to the west.

Pics and story

SUMMARY: A few months ago, we reported about the demolition of the minarets and domes of the various Ahmadiyya mosques in Pakistan carried out under the supervision of local police authorities.

Unfortunately, we again regret to report another destruction and demolition in a rural settlement called 261 R-B, Adhwali district Faisalabad, Pakistan. This profane act was orchestrated by the local police itself disguising themselves as civilians.

INCIDENT: The incident occurred on 17 June 2021 under the guard of the local

DSP (District Superintendent of Police, Pakistan) and his unit who gathered around the Ahmadiyya Mosque at 261 R-B, Adhwali district Faisalabad, Punjab in order to desecrate the Mosque. The local police later on removed all debris and added cement on the parts of the mosque they themselves desecrated as their cover up strategy. Please find enclosed photos.

The Qur’anic inscriptions were also erased from the houses of Ahmadis in the nearby vicinity. Such incidents openly expose the fact that not only the lives and honour of Ahmadis in Pakistan are at stake but also their places of worship and

homes. Please find enclosed photos.

BACKGROUND: The Local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community reported the fear of a potential attack a week prior to 17 June 2021 to the Inspector General of Police Punjab, and the higher central governmental authorities.

REQUEST: We request your support, along with your friends and contacts, for a powerful action to call for Freedom of Religion and safeguard of fundamental

Human Rights from the Government of Pakistan. The world should pressurize the Government of Pakistan to harness these culprits to save the image of Islam and the image of their own country, which they profess to be an Islamic democratic state.

Most importantly, the Government of Pakistan should ensure that all citizens enjoy Freedom of Religion and equal citizen rights as stipulated in the Constitution of Pakistan Article 20 and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 2, 18.

Pakistan must stop using state action — including local police authorities — to repress vulnerable religious communities like the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Such state action further emboldens extreme groups to commit targeted attacks on these communities.

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