The ROR of Jan-1936 reports that loud speakers were used for the time ever in 1935. The Jalsa was held on Dec-25-27, and Eid was held a few days later. Allegedly, Ahmadi women held their own functions. The Statesman of Delhi reported that 20,000 people attended this Jalsa.

The ROR alleges that Ahmadiyya has centers in many countries of the world, England, America, Japan, China, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Java and Sumatra, Nigeria, Nairobi (Modern day Kenya), Afghanistan and Persia.

The 2nd Khalifa gave 2 speeches, normally the first one and the last. Other speakers were, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Arif, Sayyad Wali Ullah Shah. A man named Maulvi Saleem also gave a speech, as well Jalal ud Din Shams. The 2nd Khalifa asked Ahmadi’s to sacrifice all of their wealth for Ahmadiyya. The 2nd Khalifa’s main speech was about the Islamic concept of the League of Nations.

Zafrullah Khan (Commerce member), Khan Bahadur Nawab Muhammad Din (Member of the state council, Jodhpur) and Khan Bahadur Muhammad Ali Khan are expected to preside over each day’s session.

Pir Akbar Ali, Maulana Abdul Majid and Seth Abdullah Allah din were also there.

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