He was the ruler of Qadian from 1802–1815. He died in 1834, while in military service on the road to Kashmir.

Qadian is ruled via the “Ramgarhia Misl”, it is also very close to the Kanhaya Misl, the Punjab Chiefs tells us that the Mirza family and Mirza Gul Muhammad had constant disputes with both groups of Sikhs.

Mirza Gul Muhammad seems to have died of excessive hiccups (See Mujadid e Azam) in roughly 1800.

Qadian is controlled by Diwan Singh, who was a nephew of Jassa Singh Ramgarhia. Jassa died in 1802, and his son Jodh succeeded him. Jodh Singh Ramgharia is the real ruler. He allows his cousin-brother, Diwan Singh to rule Qadian. Fateh Singh Ahluvalia protected the Mirza family of Qadian from 1802 to 1836 (see Punjab Chiefs), as the Mirza family fled Qadian and crossed the river Beas and settled in Beghowal. He died in 1836 and Ranjit Singh allowed Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his entire extended family to move back to Qadian (see the Punjab Chiefs, 1865 edition). Thus, Mirza Ghulam Qadir was not born in Qadian, nor was Mirza Imam ud Din or any of MGA’s cousins. MGA was the first person from the Mirza family to be born in Qadian since 1802. Further, MGA could not have been born in 1835. As soon as Mirza Ghulam Murtaza moved back to Qadian, he and his brothers joined the Sikh military, wherein they served until 1849-ish.

Jodh Singh Ramgharia dies. Diwan Singh’s status as ruler of Qadian also ends. Ranjit Singh takes¬†¬†Diwan Singh (son of Tara Singh), cousin/brother of Jodh Singh, Vir Singh (brother of Jodh Singh) and widow of Jodh Singh and takes them into official military custody. He then confiscates their entire Misl area and annexes it into the Sikh Empire.

It is unknown as to who was ruling Qadian in this time frame. We would guess that it was Sardar Mangal Singh Ramgarhia, who was the son of Diwan Singh. In 1839, Mangal Singh is sent to the frontiers of the Sikh empire on official military duty.

Diwan Singh dies on the road to Srinagar, while on military duty (see Punjab Chiefs. page 175, 1865 edition).

In 1836, it was on the death of Fateh Singh Ahluvalia (1836), or a few years after this death, the Mirza family was allowed to move back to Qadian by Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh gave 5 villages (+Qadian) back to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his brothers in 1836 and invited the them to move back to Qadian after 34 years of exile (1802–1836).

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