The Ahmadiyya Mullah-team has spread so much mis-information in the world over the past 125 years, thus, most people have made mistakes in figuring out exactly who MGA was. The biggest mistake that we see is in the idea that MGA was some type of great debator within Islam in his early life. This is not true at all. Factually, in the first-40 years of MGA’s life he never had any debates, whether oral or as a written exchange. Technically, even Ahmadi sources admit that MGA only had 5 debates in his entire life and all of these were via written letters which were exchanged, responses were given many hours later, not on the spot. By 1880, (when MGA was 40), MGA was a member of the Ahl-e-Hadith, this was most likely a result of MGA’s life in Sialkot. MGA only held one debate with a Hindu person, that was in 1884-1885 with Murlidher. Lekh Ram seems to have came to Qadian a few months later, however, MGA refused and was stumped. At this point, MGA had already indirectly claimed prophethood (an abundance of diving communion) and was called a Kafir by the Ahl-e-Hadith Muslims of North India. Next, MGA had arranged to give a public lecture at Aligarh in 1889, however, MGA was unable to speak in-front of a huge crowd, since he had been stuttering since childhood. His next three debates were with Muslims and after his wild claims, and guess what? These were written debates, wherein letters were exchanged. MGA’s final debate was with a Christian (1893), the only christian he ever debated with, however, this wasn’t a debate either, it was another exchange of letters, which ended in embarrassment, as MGA lost, he predicted that Athim would die in 15 months, which didn’t happen. After 1893, MGA never had any written exchanges in the form of debate.

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