Ahmadiyya leadership has lied endlessly about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his life.  We all know that MGA was a bon-vivant and he knew Arabic, since he grew up with a teacher who taught him as such.  Nonetheless, when MGA secretly added Noorudin and company to his team in 1890-1891, they began to boast the MGA had learned 40,000 roots of the Arabic language overnight.  That was a total lie.  They were trying to make it look like MGA had some type of deep connection with Allah, however, we all know better, MGA was high on opium, he never led prayers, never gave a Friday Khutbah, and never gave a public speech.  One more thing, he was fond of massages, this guy had no reason to get any type of massage, he didn’t play sports, he wasn’t walking 5-10 miles per day after 1880, and he never worked “manual-labor” a day in his life.

Hani Tahir
Hani Tahir was fooled to believe in Ahmadiyya once upon a time, however, after studying Ahmadiyya, the truth was evident.  In fact, Ahmadis who read about Ahmadiyya and still remain in Ahmadiyya are simply people who have flawed character and aren’t willing to admit to their mistakes, this type of behavior is anti-Quran.  The Quran teaches a man to be honest, and to admit to all mistakes.

Hani Tahir’s video