On 9 July 2021, a factory of Hashem Foods Limited, sister concern of Sajeeb Group, in Rupganj caught fire resulting in 52 deaths. Abul Hashem, Chairperson of the group, denied any responsibility, however, he was arrested along with his four sons, including Deputy Managing Director Hasib Bin Hashem and Director Tareq Ibrahim were also named in the case, according to Narayanganj’s Superintendent of Police Zaidul Alam.

This a Shezan factory in Bangladesh erupted in a fire wherein 50 workers were trapped on the 3rd floor and burned to death, another 50 jumped off of the 3rd floor and sustained massive injuries. This is a factory of Hashem Foods Ltd in Rupganj, Narayanganj district, on the outskirts of Dhaka.

The factory was making Shezan juice. The presence of chemicals and flammable substances including polythene and clarified butter contributed to the blaze in the factory and made it more difficult to bring under control, the state-run Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha news agency reported. A clash broke out between relatives of missing factory workers and law enforcement; three shotguns were stolen from a Bangladesh Ansar camp.

An Ahmadi, who works for MTA-Bangladesh broke the story. Watch the video herein—-

Abul Hashem, Chairperson of the group (CEO) claims that it was worker error which most likely caused the fire.

Who is charged in the case?

Sajeeb Group Chairman and Managing Director Md Abul Hashem, his four sons, including Deputy Managing Director Hasib Bin Hashem and Director Tareq Ibrahim were also named in the case, according to Narayanganj’s Superintendent of Police Zaidul Alam.

police on Saturday arrested eight people, including the owner of a factory and his sons, in connection with the fire in their food processing unit which killed at least 52 people, according to media reports.

The fire broke out at the factory in Narayanganj outside Bangladesh’s capital on Thursday. The authorities have put the death toll at 52 from the bodies recovered so far.

Forty-nine workers died after being trapped on the third floor with its only exit locked. Three also died after jumping off the six-storey factory.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said the owner, several directors and managers of the Sajeeb Group and its sister concern Hashem Food Ltd were among those taken into custody by police, the Tribune reported.

“No one will be spared if their negligence is found over the incident,” the minister warned.

Police are seeking a 10-day remand order from a court to question Hashem and over the deadly blaze, according to Rupganj Police Inspector Humayun Kabir Molla.

Apart from Sajeeb Group Chairman and Managing Director Md Abul Hashem, his four sons, including Deputy Managing Director Hasib Bin Hashem and Director Tareq Ibrahim were also named in the case, according to Narayanganj’s Superintendent of Police Zaidul Alam.

Sajeeb Group is the parent company of Hashem Foods Ltd, the scene of the devastating fire.

The home minister earlier visited the gutted factory.

The Home Ministry formed a committee to look into the fire incident.

The probe report will be submitted very soon and action will be taken quickly as well, the report said.

Narayanganj’s Superintendent of Police (SP) Alam said they will bring to book the responsible for the tragic incident and the subsequent deaths after interrogating the eight arrestees.

“Police have filed a murder case with Rupganj Police Station against them. If we find anyone involved during the investigation, we will include them too,” The Daily Star quoted Alam as saying.

The action was taken as it emerged that many children were working in the factory.

Hashem, however, denied all responsibility for the factory fire and said there should not be any child labour in the factory.

Md Salauddin, the factory’s admin officer, said, “The issue about the age of the workers is wrong. They were hired after reviewing the relevant documents. If the age is low, it is the workers who tampered with the documents.”

The injured are undergoing treatment at Medical College Hospital and US-Bangla Medical College and Hospital at Rupganj.

Apart from the Home Ministry probe team, several other agencies and the local administration have also started investigations into the incident.

According to the Fire Service, a huge amount of plastic and packaging materials in the building had fueled the fire in just a few minutes after it broke out.

They said the blocked door at the factory’s staircase has caused so many deaths that could have been avoided.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Sajeeb Group was established in 1982

Sajeeb Group opened a supershop called One Stop but was forced to close it due to lack of sales.

On 22 June 2015, Bangladesh Police led by Pradip Kumar Das, officer in charge of Bayezid Police Station, raided Sajeeb Group’s depot in Chittagong and found expired Tang that they were putting fake expiry dates to sell in the local market.

From 2006 to 2016, Sajeeb Group’s sales increased at around 40-50 per year and one-fourth of that sale was to foreign markets. Sajeeb received orders worth US$400,000 at the SIAL Food Fair 2016 in France. Tawsiv Ibrahim is the Managing Director of the Group’s international sales. In 22 July 2016, Detective Branch found rotten mangoes in the vehicles of Hashem Foods Limited which led to a raid on the company’s factory in Rishikul union, Godagari Upazila. The raid discovered “200 maunds” of rotten mangoes, which were destroyed, and the factory was fined two hundred thousand taka.


Bangladesh Food Safety Authority test in October 2017 found that Shezan mango drink had 5 percent mango which is less than the mandatory 10 percent needed to be labeled a fruit drink.


Wings Clear Lemon Drink, sister concern of Sajeeb Group, sponsored a futsal tournament for 24 universities in Bangladesh in 2018. The groups makes three soda pops, Wings, Aha, and Popin, which were launched in 2018.


Sajeeb Group saw an eight billion taka decline in beverage sales in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh.

  • Sajeeb Corporation[4]
  • Sajeeb Homes Limited[4]
  • Sajeeb Foods and Beverage Limited[3]
  • Hashem Foods Limited[4]
  • Hashem Rice Mills Limited[4]
  • Hashem Flour Mills Limited[4]
  • Hashem Agro Processing Limited[4]
  • Savvy Foods Limited[4]
  • MARS International Limited[4]
  • Takaful Islami Insurance Limited[4]

Ahmadi companies and chanda

Some of the biggest Ahmadi owned companies in Pakistan pay the most chanda to the Mirza family and employ lots of Ahmadi’s in a discriminatory way. The richest company seems to be the Shahnawaz group, which is a parent company that owns the famous Shezan and many other products. Shezan International was incorporated on May 13, 1964; conceived as a joint venture by the Shahnawaz Group, Pakistan and Alliance Industrial Development Corporation, United States in 1964. Via Tahrik e Jadeed, there were some other Ahmadi companies, see here.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Who is Mr. Shah Nawaz?

In 1943, the late Mr. Shah Nawaz founded his business in Agra and Delhi. He is also called Chaudhry Shahnawaz. Mr. Shah Nawaz died on March 23rd, 1990 and his life was covered in the Al-Fazl. The Al-Fazl tells us that in 1984, he donated heavily to the russian translation of the Quran that the Ahmadiyya group published. The Company is a Public Limited Company incorporated in Pakistan and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The registered office of the Company is situated at 56 – Bund Road, Lahore, Pakistan. It is engaged in the manufacturing, trading and sale of juices, pickles, jams, ketchups etc., based upon or derived from fruits and vegetables.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________2012 controversy

In 2012, campaigns by traditionally conservative Islamic groups found a more liberal voice, amongst these were lawyers from Lahore Bar Association.[5] Soon thereafter, The Lahore Bar Association also banned Shezan products from its premises and subordinate court complexes, threatening tough actions against anyone found buying the drink. The move came as 100 lawyers unanimously voted for the ban on Shezan drinks and products.[6]

Other Qadiani companies

Shahtaj Sugar Mills
Shahtaj Textiles
Shahtaj Ghee Mills
Shezan Beverages
Idris Pharmaceuticals
Shahnawaz Ltd
OCS Courier
Punjab Oil Mills
Comstar (TM)
MTA TV Group
Jadoo TV Group
Sony Cycle Industries
Masters Textile Mills
Universal Stabilizers
Roomi travellers
Silver Spoon Restaurant, Sialkot
Combined Textiles
Clifton ShoesQadiani Products
Zaiqa Ghee and Oil
Mooli Soap
Gajar Soap
Speed Juices and Drinks
Shezan Mango Juice
Can-Olive oil
King Banaspati
Shan Aata
Raja Soup
Pearl Banaspati,
Speed Energy Drink
Zaiqa Ghee and Cooking Oil
Shezan Juice
Shezan Ketchup
Shezan Pickle
Shezan Samarqand
Sangam Doodh
Rehman Cone MehndiQadiani Medicine companies 
Idris Pharmaceuticals
F.B Homeo Company
Lexo Homeo Company
Curative Homeo Company
Warson Homeo Company
Khursheed Unani Dawakhana

Rasheed Hospital, Lahore
Adil Hospital, Lahore
Avicenna Medical College & Hospital, Lahore
Tahir Heart Institute, Chenab Nagar
Fazle Omar Hospital, Chenab NagarSchools and Colleges
Nusrat Jehan Girls College
Abdusalam School of Sciences
Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad School of Management & Commerce
Zafarullah Khan Social Sciences & Languages School
Nusrat Jehan Boys College
Tahir Primary School
Nasir Higher Secondary School
Nusrat Jehan Girls Academy School
Nusrat Jehan Boys Academy School
Bait ul Hamd High School
Mariam Girls High SchoolMariam Siddiqa Higher Secondary School
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