MGA started the whole fake medicines business in terms of Ahmadiyya. Most Ahmadi’s don’t even believe in the medicine, they believe in their silly prayers, which is a silly notion at best. After 1965, Mirza Nasir Ahmad and his half-brother Mirza Tahir Ahmad promoted homeopathic meds in Ahmadiyya, which don’t even work. After 2010, only the Ahmadiyya, Scientologist and the Nation of Islam use homeopathic meds. It all started back in the 1880’s when Noorudin gave MGA the famous love-potion, Zadham e Ishq (which was mostly opium). They then invented Tiryaq e Ilahi, which was supposed to protect people from getting the plague, it didn’t work, the British government even stepped in and banned it (it as mostly opium). In the 1930’s, Ahmadiyya was described as sex-cult by a Hindu judge named Khosla. Even in 1939, they were selling weird medicines from Qadian.


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