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January 2021

The history of #Ahmadiyya in #Singapore

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that the 2nd Khalifa sent an Ahmadi mullah into the British Colony of Malaysia in 1935. Singapore was part of the colony, however, after the 1960’s, Singapore became an independent country. By 2021, there were barely 100 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in Singapore and barely 300 in Malaysia. Maulana Ghulam Hussain Ayaz was among the first batch of missionaries sent on 6th May 1935 under the Tahrik-I-Jadid Scheme. He was only given money for the travelling expenses and for a living he got to earn by himself. He was commissioned to preach in Singapore, Malacca and Penang by Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad.

In the 1960’s, Singapore became an independent country, thus, the history of Ahmadiyya changes slightly. By 2021, there is still only one Ahmadiyya place of worship, Masjid Taha. We estimate that there are barely 100 Ahmadi’s in the whole country. Check out the 2021 Jalsa herein, barely 20 men attended. The Ahmadi murrabi was Musa Bin Masran.
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#Ahmadi’s fraudulently claim that #Mirzaghulamahmad was mentioned in 43:57 of the Quran

As we all know, 43:57 to 43:67 is about Esa (as) and how he is a sign of the final hour. #Ahmadis assert that 43:61 doesn’t refer to Esa (as), however, some of their later Tafsir’s (by the 2nd Khalifa) seem to contradict the Qadiani position. It seems that MGA never commented on 43:57. in 1917, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s didnt use this either. However, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s asserted 43:57 was an indication of the return of Esa (as)(astagfarullah, naozobillah)(see Malik Ghulam Farid’s 1988 and 2018 commentary of the Quran).
43:57 of the Quran

“””When the son of Mary was cited as an example ˹in argument˺, your people ˹O Prophet˺ broke into ˹joyful˺ applause.”””

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#Ahmadis don’t believe that hell is forever (abadan, see 4:169 of the Quran) for non-Muslims

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad stole directly from Sir Syed. Sir Syed was the first Muslim to ever deny that hell was forever (abadan in arabic, see 4:169). In the BA-3, written in 1879-1881, MGA seemed to acknowledge that hell was in fact forever (See the ref in the below). However, 20 years later, MGA totally changed up and stole Sir Syed’s position. The islamic position on hell is that it is for all disbelievers and eternal, it never ends. However, the Quran does say that even some Muslims will go to hell, but will be later released to heaven after time served (see Tafsir Ibn Kathir, 4:165–170). In 1901, via the Al-Hakam, there might have been a change. In 1902, MGA was calling hell as “eternal”. In 1906 (Via Chashma Masihi, see in the below), MGA quoted a hadith and claimed that hell will be emptied out. MGA also quoted 11:107 of the Quran, as he argued that hell is temporary.
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Who is Mirza Mubarak Ahmad (1899-1907)?

Mirza Mubarak Ahmad seems to have been born on June 14th, 1899 (See Al-Hakam online archives, via twitter), and died on September 16th, 1907 (See Tadhkirah). Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was the youngest son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He died at the age of 9. In 1897, MGA was claiming that prophecy of Musleh Maud hadn’t been fulfilled yet.

In 1906-07, MGA was predicting that he would recover from his illness. Ahmadiyya sources have never told us what that illness was. It might have been the plague. in fact, in Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA was bragging how this son was alive during his Mubahila with Abdul Haqq. MGA kept bragging about his revelations which he says indicated.

They seem to have announced the death of Mirza Mubarak Ahmad in the Al-Badr 9-17-1907, however, the boy had already been dead and buried. MGA and his team of writers began asserting that MGA knew that the boy was destined for death. However, this is an obvious lie. After MGA died, Nuzul ul Masih was published in 1909, in this book, MGA’s team of writers assert that MGA knew all along that Mirza Mubarak Ahmad would die, which is a farce.
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The history of #ahmadiyya in Mali

Mali was a french colony, thus, the Ahmadiyya movement didnt get access to Mali until after they got independence. By 2020, Mali is listed as 90% Muslim, these are Maliki-Muslims, Mali has a long history of Islamic tradition. In fact, the richest African of all time was a Maliki Muslim Caliph named Mansa Musa.

It is unclear when Ahmadiyya got access to Mali, however, it seems like around the time that they got independence in 1960. It seems that after 2006 the Ahmadiyya movement began building mosques and investing. We dont see any Ahmadiyya mosques before 2006. Nor is their a Jamia in the country.

By 2020, we estimate that there are less than 200 Ahmadi’s in all of Mali. We have found jamaats in Sikasso, and an Ahmadiyya Mission House there. They are also in control of 17 radio stations and thus do tabligh via radio.

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Who is Seith Abdur Rahman of Madras?

Seith Abdur Rahman of Madras was a Qadiani-Ahmadi and a very rich one. His name is sometimes spelled as Seth Abdul Rahman, or Seith Abdul Rehman or Seth Abdur Rahman Haji Allah Rakha, Madras. MGA was known to beg for money from him all the time. He seems to have been from a merchant family from modern day Chennai, which was called Madras until 1996. MGA mentioned him by name in 1906, via Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA mentioned how his businesses failed by 1902-1906. He was mentioned in the August-1924 edition of the ROR.

In 2008, Mirza Masroor Ahmad visited India and Chennai. The Ahmadiyya jamaat seems to have 1 masjid in Chennai, India. It is called Masjid Haadi. In fact, the Khalifa opened this mosque in 2008, they don’t seem to have had any masjid before 2008. He was the first Khalifa to ever visit Chennai, India. They have 2 mission houses also, in Kodambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu and in Adambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 

Seith Abdur Rahman of Madras was also mentioned in Maulvi Hassan Ali’s book, Taeed
Haq (Corroboration of the Truth), in which he narrated the very interesting story of his search for the Mujaddid of the era, which culminated in his pledge to MGA (See Mujadid e Azim by Dr. Basharat Ahmad, online abridged english edition).
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wanted huge sums of money from #ahmadis for dua

MGA was known to bribe his followers to give large amounts of money. In one instance, MGA wrote a letter to one of his richest followers, Seth Abdul Rehman. And told him that he received an Ilham that a very fortunate person would donate lots of money. So he (Mirza) was expecting you (Seth Abdul Rehman) to be that fortunate person as mentioned in the ILHAM. He further wrote to him that “LAKH, DO LAKH” 100,000/- or 200,000/- is not a big amount in the eye of God.

MGA wrote letters to Seth Abdul Rehman all the time. In fact, in 1899, MGA discussed the Yuz Asaf situation with him.

In this specific instance, MGA is claiming to have gotten an ilham which translates from arabic to english as “twinkle, twinkle, twinkle”, in arabic its “ghathm, ghathm, ghathm”. This was also published in the Al-Hakam of Sep. 6th and 13th of 1898. The english edition of Tadhkirah also tells us that MGA had this written on the wall in the famous Masjid Mubarak at Qadian. Mirza Bashir Ahmad added a note that this phraseology means “He gave away, he gave away, he gave away to him, all at once, a major portion out of his wealth.”, however, this is a total lie. MGA’s son seems to have been embarrassed by MGA and this silly revelation.
Here is the english translation of his letter to Seth Abdul Rahman:

MAKTUB NO.53 (Maktubat e Ahmad Vol-2)
My respected Seth Abdul Rehman,
Assalamo Alaikum.
Your letter was received. Whatever you wrote reflects your sincerity and truthfulness. What I wrote to you was based upon the ILHAM which I received few weeks ago which is as under:
غثم غثم غثم لہہ دفع الیہ من مالہ دفعہ۔
“twinkle, twinkle, twinkle”, in arabic its “ghathm, ghathm, ghathm”

The Ilham was interpreted to me as “someone, in order to achieve his intended goal, would send to me a huge amount of wealth, as a homage from his wealth. I had entered this Ilham in my book. I had also written this Ilham in a neat writing and pasted it on the Masjid wall near my house. Although no particular time period and fortunate person to have this fulfilment of wish, was mentioned in this ILHAM, yet my mind was diverted to your success hence I prayed may that fortunate person be your good self. Is the amount of Rs 1 lac or 2 lacs a big sum of money ? DUA can create any revolution as it has the impact from earth to heavens. So I am in the thoughts of doing a top class DUA in your favour. It is just like a hunter withdraw his trap from one place and lays it on another place. (This sentence reflects true intention of Mirza i.e. hunting a rich man and squeeze some wealth from him), so I use different methods in my DUA for you. I will InshaAllah show you a living and approved DUA. May Allah bring a wrecked boat to the shore. Rest is ok. Plz convey my Salam to all nears and dears.

Humble self
Mirza Ghulam Qadiani
3 Oct, 1898

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad and #ahmadis in Ghana working for the dictator Jerry John Rawlings

Watch my video on this.
In Ghana, like many other countries, the Ahmadiyya Movement was political. In 1997, Mirza Tahir Ahmad admitted that Ahmadi’s had worked in the election process of the famous dictator Jerry John Rawlings in 1992 and 1996. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also admitted that the fake opposition party of 1992 and 1996 were led by undercover #ahmadi’s. In this era, Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied about the amount of converts in Ghana was extensive.

We estimate that there are about 5000 #ahmadis in all of Ghana by 2020. Most of these people have converted to Ahmadiyya through the Ahmadiyya schools, which also doubles as a  mosque. By 1958, there seems to be only one Ahmadiyya mosque in the entire country (see Foreign Missions). However, the same book lies and claims that there were 100+ mosques controlled by the Ahmadiyya community. However, there were only 1-2 Ahmadi mullahs working the entire country, thus, its a lie. Even today, in 2020, Ahmadiyya sources purposely inflate the amount of mosques which are under ahmadiyya control. We estimate no more than 20 Ahmadiyya mosques in the entire country, and most of the worshippers aren’t even Ahmadi.

In this video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad talks about taking jewelry from women as chanda, so sick!!!

He also admits that intelligence officers from Ghana would seek the advice from the Khalifa.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Tahir Ahmad lies and claims to have had more than 200,000 converts from Ghana. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that many Ghanian’s working in government were Ahmadi. He mentions:

1. The speaker of the assembly
2. opposition party leader
3. Deputy Speaker
4. Defense minister
5. Chairman of the ruling party
6. important commissions
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Stefan Reichmuth. “Education and the Growth of Religious Associations among Yoruba Muslims: The Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria”, Journal of Religion in Africa, Vol. 26, Fasc. 4 (Nov., 1996). p 8.

  2. Jump up to:a b c d e Animashaun, Bashir (2012) Jibril Felix Martin (1888 – 1959) and the spread of Western education among Muslims in 20th century Lagos. Ilorin Journal of History and International Studies Vol 3 No 1 2012_____________________________


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Nasir Ahmad Sultani (an Ahmadi) has been given the death penalty in Pakistan for blasphemy

Watch my video on this here.
I was related to Nasir Ahmad Sultani via marriage. He was married to a female maternal cousin of my mother. I even met him in 2004 in Islamabad, Pakistan. He seems to have claimed the same prophethood as MGA. He has also claimed to be a Mujadid and that his God speaks to him regularly. His brother is a murrabi in the Qadiani jamaat at Rabwah. He was also a MISSIONARY of Jama’at AHMADIYYA for 12 years (1987-1999).

On Friday, January 8, 2021, the Anti-Terrorism Court in Islamabad sentenced Dr. Nasir Ahmad Sultani, self-proclaimed Mujaddid of the 15th century AH, to death, along with his co-accused, Abdul Waheed a.k.a “Allama Ayaz Nizami” and Rana Nu’man Rafaqat.

On 1-8-2021, he was sentence to death for blasphemy. An Anti-Terrorism Court on Friday awarded Abdul Waheed, Rana Noman, and Nasir Sultani the death penalty in a case related to the uploading of sacrilegious material on social media.

According to the details, the court sentenced 10 years imprisonment to the other accused Anwaar Ahmed, and awarded a fine of Rs, 100,000.

Anti-terrorism court Judge Raja Jawad Abbas delivered the verdict.

The case was registered by the FIA ​​on March 19, 2017. 17 prosecution witnesses testified in the case. According to the reports, the accused Rana Noman and Abdul Waheed presented four witnesses in their defense.

Basic studies: 7 years Religious’ Studies Jamia Ahmadiyyah Rabwah Pakistan (1980-1987).

He graduated from Jamia Ahmadiyya in Rabwah.


In March of 1999, he quit Ahmadiyya.

I met him in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Somehow he flees to Sri Lanka and asks for asylum as an Ahmadi.

In this twitter video, he explains that he still believes in Ahmadiyya and the first 4 Khalifa’s of Ahmadiyya. See here too,

He claims to deny that he claimed prophethood.

He is deported to Pakistan.

He was arrested by the Pakistani police for blasphemy. The case was registered by the FIA ​​on March 19, 2017. 17 prosecution witnesses testified in the case. According to the reports, the accused Rana Noman and Abdul Waheed presented four witnesses in their defense.

Back on September 5, 2020; Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Islamabad reserved its judgment on the bail plea of the accused named in a case pertaining to uploading of blasphemous material on social media.

The accused Nasir Ahmed Sultani, Abdul Waheed, Rana Noman, and Anwaar Ahmed were produced before ATC Judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan. The court reserved the decision after listening to arguments from both sides at large and adjourned the case.

He was sentenced to death. On 1-8-2021, he was sentence to death for blasphemy. An Anti-Terrorism Court on Friday awarded Abdul Waheed, Rana Noman, and Nasir Sultani the death penalty in a case related to the uploading of sacrilegious material on social media.






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